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Monday, August 27, 2007

Caden fell into the campfire...

11+ years of no major accidents or illnesses in my kids is over. I had what I think was the scariest day of my life on Friday. We were boating/camping with several neighbors and Caden tripped and fell halfway into a roaring campfire. He has several 2nd degree burns and a few superficial 1st degree burns.

I have been second guessing myself ever since about how/what I could/should have done to prevent it. I have always been SO PARANOID with my little ones around fire and water, I can't believe that this happened. It happened so fast. I was cooking dinner on a grill (set up on a table), and Caden was sitting on the other end of the table eating cheetos. My back was to the campfire about 10 feet away. Brent had to use the restroom, so I was keeping an eye on him while I cooked. I went to the grill to flip the steaks and glanced up and Cade was gone. I turned around just in time to see him trip and fall against the metal campfire ring and his left side fell into the fire. I don't know how I got there so fast, I caught him just as he was going in.

He was screaming of course, and I was keeping calm and ran over to the water faucet to get some water on it and all the neighbors came running and started screaming and yelling advice, and then I lost it and started crying myself. Once we got Brent out of the bathroom we jumped in the truck and used Onstar to get to the closest emergency room. It was very scary, and Caden was so pitiful it hurt my heart to look at him.

He's doing ok now. We went to his ped this morning for a followup visit, and he says we're doing a good job and it's healing nicely. The two worst ones are on his legs.

I have a feeling that it's going to take longer for me to heal that it will for him to heal.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

SeaDevil's Banquet - YAY WILLIAM!!!

Last night was William's end of season swim banquet. This was his first season swimming and he really took to it and worked really hard. I was SO thrilled to see that he got the ENERGIZER award for the Developmental group! Way to go William!!!

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