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Sunday, September 4, 2005


No, it’s not a joke.


Caden Scott Jurkovski
7:30 p.m., Sunday, September 4th
14 lbs, 0 oz., 23 ½ “

Short birth story:

As many of you know, I was induced Sunday morning after having determined via ultrasound that my baby was “big”… estimated last Thursday (3 days before induction) as 9 lbs, 7 oz. Induction went pretty slow, until they broke my water around 2 p.m. – there was a TON of water, it just gushed and gushed. Very abnormally high. We joked that maybe it was a 5 lb baby and my size was just due to all that fluid…

Things picked up, and I FINALLY got an epidural (progressed too quickly the other two times)… Around 6 pm I was complete, and started pushing. I could tell fairly early on that something was wrong. I had him crowned within a few pushes, but just couldn’t push him out further than that. Pushed and pushed for over an hour, but we couldn’t get him out past his forehead. He was in distress from being in the birth canal so long, and at 7:30 they called an emergency c-section and he was born 5 minutes later (they knocked me out).

I’m glad I was knocked out, cause the next little bit was pretty scary. Apgar’s were 2 and 6. He was taken directly to the Level II nursery, and I got to meet him finally around midnight (after insisting that I could stand long enough to get in a wheelchair). He was on oxygen, very fast respiration, and his blood sugar was dangerously low. I got to hold him finally on Monday night, and he had his first bottle then too. He’s been steadily progressing, and we hope to be able to take him home this weekend or early next week. He also has bruises on his shoulders and arms from me repeatedly pushing and slamming the poor guy into my pelvic bone
… I left the hospital earlier today and we’re on our way back for the evening after dinner. It’s so hard to leave him behind.

I had undiagnosed GD (they were able to do a test that found that my average blood sugar over the past 3 months was 150+). It has been very scary, and I am SO in love with this big guy. He’s a trooper, rarely cries, and just loves to be snuggled. I’m attaching a few pics… Please pray for him.

We and the hospital were contacted by a few news channels, but they can’t go into Level II, so don’t know if anything will come of that. I’m just happy that he’s getting better. I have NO clothes to fit him, and a whole lot of 0-3 month stuff to sell on ebay… He had to go straight into size 2 diapers (they had to borrow them from the pediatrics unit).

I feel fine, quite sore of course, but lots better than hauling around that chunky monkey.

More later…


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